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  •  Everyone doing their introduction and screaming like girls
  • siwon said he's the sponsor and screams like an opera: super junior`s sponsor si wowowowowowowon "
  •  Donghae uses dialect haha his voice cracks
  •  kyu is normal at the beginning then he screamed kyu-HYUNNNNNN !!
  •  Heechul asked everyone to do 사랑해요 김희철[ Milky Skin Kim Heechul] and asked lee sooman to do it too
  •  Leeteuk asked Hyuk to dance while doing intro. Hyuk popped and then fell on floor laughing. Hae kicked his butt
  •  Teuk has tears on his eyes, and members are like 'He's gonna cry again' and called him crybaby
  •   hyukjae screamed 100th concert then everyone dancing and singing congratulation
  • cr: hyukarmpits,@13elieveSG

    When boys crossdress in Kpop

  • Normal groups: do we really have to do this?
  • Super Junior: fights over the only padded bra, because everyone wants to wear it


"I have to leave the discipline to Mom. This one can feel that I’m about to yell at her before I say a word. So she runs up to me, gives me a hug, and starts crying right away. So how can I yell at her? And this one lets me yell at her, but her face turns very dark and resentful, and it’s scary. So what am I supposed to do then? So I let Mom do the yelling. They are very attached to me. Everyone sleeps in the same bed, and they won’t go to sleep unless they are resting their head on my shoulders. Dad’s shoulders only. And it’s hard to sleep. When I’m trying to sleep they, um, sometimes they, um, try to play with my nipples."

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

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